White Water Rafting in Umeå Sweden, 1994

White Water Rafting

At the edge of the Arctic Circle Umeå is Sweden's northermost city and a major university.

I had traveled up for the NORDUnet '94 a Conference at the end of May and for our a surprise conference activity we were whisked off at 11pm (still light of course) and put into wet suits, then into rafts for a grade 4.5 ride down the rapids. I'd never been white water rafting before.

I to remember it being light, cold (the water was 4C, remember this was the spring melt), terrified and exhilerated and thinking that I'd never do this again.

I haven't.

Afterwards our reward was (I kid you not) reindeer on a large spit, hot vodka and cranberry juice cocktails and time in the sauna with your conference mates (some of that was definitely worthwile).

And of course, this story to tell.

No photos to document it unfortunately.

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